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Winnie Nazarko's Dharma Talks at Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center
Winnie Nazarko
Our potential as humans is vast and deep, and can be intentionally developed. There is a way that we can learn to open to all of our experience with kindness and clarity. As we begin to find this stability of heart and mind, wisdom will emerge.This emergence of wisdom, and strengthening of compassion, are the road to our individual and collective happiness and well-being.
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2019-05-19 Forgiveness And Compassion 68:29
This talk discusses the nature of the heart practices of metta, karuna, mudita and upekkha and how they support wise response. The heart of the talk explains forgiveness as a manifestation of wisdom and compassion.
Metta: Lovingkindness Retreat
2019-05-16 Feeding What Feeds Us 56:26
The Buddha says that clarity about what is "wholesome" and what is unwholesome" is important. We are encouraged to cultivate qualities like Metta (loving kindness) for our own benefit and that of others.
Metta: Lovingkindness Retreat
2019-03-13 Equanimity 55:11
This talk is about how what upekkha (equanimity) is, and how it is developed in practice.
Establishing Presence: Insight Meditation Retreat
2019-03-11 Wise Intention 56:08
The role of renunciation, compassion, and goodwill in practice is explored in this talk.
Establishing Presence: Insight Meditation Retreat
2019-03-09 Establishing Presence 46:56
This talk describes how meditation lets us connect more fully with our lived experience.
Establishing Presence: Insight Meditation Retreat
2019-02-09 The Five Spiritual Faculties In Concentration Practice 54:49
This talk was offered at the month-long concentration retreat. It discusses how faith, effort/energy, mindfulness, concentration, and wisdom develop and support each other.
The Path to Awakening: Insight Meditation Retreat
2018-11-26 The Buddha's Teaching On Social and Communal Harmony 67:48
The Buddha lived and taught in a time of violence and strife. His teachings offer some ky advise for our own social development.
2018-11-19 Moral Restraint and Non-harming. 53:50
The Buddha says to develop goodwill and compassion as the second step of the 8-fold path. Steps 3-4-5 show specific ways to practice this.
Three-Month Retreat - Part 2
2018-11-19 Morning Reflections On The Death Of A Benefactor 17:01
A friend who sat the 3-month retreat 17 times, has passed away. As she was preparing, this talk by Ajahn Chaah was offered to her.
Three-Month Retreat - Part 2
2018-11-12 The 7 Factors of Awakening. 62:35
This talk describes how one can develop certain "mental factors" which lead to awakening. Mindfulness initiates a beneficial cycle which does so.
Three-Month Retreat - Part 2

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