The greatest gift is the
gift of the teachings
Dharma Talks given at Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center
1988-04-01 Intensive Metta Practice: Part 1 And 2 2:02:43
  Sharon Salzberg
This album guides the listener through the progressive stages of lovingkindness practice, as it is classically taught, featuring several guided metta meditations and also includes helpful Q & A sessions about this practice. (Two tapes)

1988-03-03 The Practice 53:46
  Christina Feldman

1988-01-01 The Bodhisattva Ideal 46:58
  Christopher Titmuss
bringing beauty, dignity, and respect for life through realizing our potential for awareness

1988-01-01 A Small Voice Of Concern 47:12
  Christopher Titmuss
nurturing our active love of the world by opening our eyes to what we see and still keeping a generous, growing spirit alive

1988-01-01 The Teachings, Not The Teacher 47:25
  Christopher Titmuss

1988-01-01 Form Is Emptiness 42:12
  Christopher Titmuss

1988-01-01 Emptiness Is Form - India 42:04
  Christopher Titmuss

1988-01-01 Commentary On Poem Of Milarepa 41:31
  Christopher Titmuss

1988-01-01 The Weight Of Knowledge 42:40
  Christopher Titmuss
learning to connect what we feel and experience in life with knowledge that leads to awareness and action

1988-01-01 The International Sangha 43:49
  Christopher Titmuss
a discussion of the spiritual community including: a historical perspective, the value of sharing a spiritual solidarity, and the various roles of support, risk-taking, trust, and evaluation

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