The greatest gift is the
gift of the teachings
Dharma Talks given at Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center
1988-10-21 The Five Protections 53:38
  Sharon Salzberg

1988-10-21 Five Protections 41:57
  Sharon Salzberg
learning how to support our practice with morality, dharma talks, books, and discussions with spiritual friends; development of concentration and insight into the subtle craving for positive states

1988-10-13 The Buddha's Journey The Sacred Journey 57:38
  Joseph Goldstein

1988-10-10 Expectations 47:37
  Jack Kornfield
recognizing expectations as the smoke screen in front of what is really happening

1988-10-01 The Middle Way: Working With Emotions 59:50
  Michele McDonald

1988-10-01 The Middle Way: Working With Emotions 60:19
  Michele McDonald
learning to be with the cycles of emotion and resistance in our birth struggle of awakening

1988-09-01 Wisdom And The Seasons Of Life 36:58
  Jack Kornfield
discovering how a spiritual practice allows us to live with change from a place of truth

1988-08-08 Innocence 36:43
  Christina Feldman
appreciating the lack of self-consciousness, magic, and creativity that springs from innocence with wisdom

1988-08-07 The Form And Depth Of Practice 42:24
  Christina Feldman
Investigating the possibilities of insight practice.
In collection Introducing Vipassana Meditation

1988-08-06 Inspiration, Contentment, And Compassion 40:58
  Christina Feldman

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