The greatest gift is the
gift of the teachings
Dharma Talks given at Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center
1989-02-14 Commentary On A Poem By St. John Of The Cross 47:19
  Christopher Titmuss

1989-02-13 Working With Stress 44:36
  Christopher Titmuss

1989-02-11 Healing The Earth 46:06
  Christopher Titmuss
examining what we, as individuals, are willing to give up so life may unfold in all of its immensity and diversity

1989-02-10 Introduction: Healing The Earth 37:00
  Christopher Titmuss

1989-01-01 The Freedom Series: What Does It Mean To Be Free? 39:10
  Christopher Titmuss

1989-01-01 Spaciousness 39:58
  Christina Feldman

1988-12-04 Four Brahma Viharas 66:18
  Michele McDonald

1988-12-02 Equanimity 47:23
  Sharon Salzberg
learning about the resiliency and pliability of our minds, about our resistance and armoring, and the fullness of understanding completeness and harmony

1988-11-16 Four Heavenly Messengers 61:26
  Michele McDonald

1988-11-16 Four Heavenly Messengers 61:13
  Michele McDonald
a look at sickness, old age, death, and renunciation

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