The greatest gift is the
gift of the teachings
Dharma Talks given at Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center
1989-07-10 Reflections On The 2Nd Noble Truth 43:51
  Corrado Pensa
a discussion of traditional and contemporary understandings of suffering and its causes

1989-04-14 Spiritual Unity 45:52
  Christopher Titmuss
spiritual understanding comes with a sense of unity with friends, enemies, strangers, creatures, and plants

1989-04-06 Healing And Letting Go 45:33
  Christina Feldman
learning to reduce the polarization between working on oneself and participating in the world

1989-04-05 Visibility & Invisibility 44:22
  Christina Feldman
exploring the belief systems that prevent us from knowing ourselves

1989-04-04 Meditation & Insight 48:09
  Christina Feldman
Living in harmony with what is.
In collection Introducing Vipassana Meditation

1989-04-02 Empowerment 48:18
  Christina Feldman
understanding the dynamic between the various forms of power and attention to the moment

1989-03-03 The Practice Of Metta 46:50
  Narayan Helen Liebenson

1989-02-18 Mudita/Joy 46:43
  Christopher Titmuss

1989-02-17 Cause And Effect 43:34
  Christopher Titmuss

1989-02-16 A Question Of "My" 35:43
  Christopher Titmuss

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