The greatest gift is the
gift of the teachings
Dharma Talks given at Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center
1985-10-17 Understanding Change 60:28
  Michele McDonald
Understanding the profundity of movement and change in our lives.
In collection Understanding Change

1985-10-17 Understanding Change 2:02:04
  Michele McDonald
What is our relationship to experience? A two tape series.

1985-10-16 Living In Harmony: Working With The Five Hindrances 63:37
  Michele McDonald

1985-10-16 Living In Harmony: Working With The Five Hindrances 58:16
  Michele McDonald
encountering the resistances that impede inner harmony; working with desire, aversion, sluggishness, restlessness, and doubt

1985-10-08 Attachment, Aversion, And Delusion 47:44
  Sharon Salzberg
What is our relationship to greed, hatred, and confusion? Can we transform these qualities into faith, wisdom, and equanimity?

1985-10-04 Right Effort And Right Understanding 58:55
  Sharon Salzberg
understanding the laws of cause and effect, committing ourselves wholeheartedly to practice

1985-09-27 Beginning Instructions 1:28:24
  Joseph Goldstein

1985-09-07 Western Sangha 44:19
  Christopher Titmuss

1985-09-04 On Jesus 58:42
  Christopher Titmuss
understanding the life and teachings of Jesus from a perspective of a life of awareness, sensitivity, and love

1985-09-02 Through Interconnectedness 63:36
  Christopher Titmuss
seeking a deeper understanding of global awareness

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