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Steven Smith's Dharma Talks at Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center
Steven Smith
The millennium question I hear students asking is how they can integrate the path of self-liberation with the path of paying attention to the welfare of others. My focus is guiding practitioners to do both. The dharmic brilliance is that liberation, the core teaching, creates a deep, transformative experience of who we are, which, in turn, transforms our care for the state of all beings everywhere.
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2004-10-12 Abiding In Metta 44:10
Moving from the Buddha's original way of teaching Loving-Kindness -- calling it up and abiding in it, then pervading it out to all beings.
Steven Smith Review
2004-09-29 Metta And Mindfulness - Part I 60:10
From a ground of Metta how to develop the four foundations of mindfulness: body, feelings, mind,
Steven Smith Review
2004-09-27 Morning Instructions 56:21
with Michele McDonald, misc problems
2004-09-27 Morning Instructions 1:20:11
with Joseph Goldstein
2004-06-10 Transmission Of Metta 64:55
How metta, compassion, joy and equanimity are a healing transmission, opening to our karmic knots and tangles and early conditioning patterns, releasing and transforming energy into pure joy and wel-being.
Steven Smith Review
2004-06-06 Cool Warmth Of Metta 59:16
Overview of four sublime abidings and description of each one, with stories, examples and mysterious positive consequences of actions motivated by metta, compassion, empathetic joy and equanimity.
Steven Smith Review
2003-10-28 The Happiness Of Insight 68:01
Inspiring metaphors and stories for retreat practice and daily life about the happiness & joys of insight meditation not dependent upon what's happening in the world around us.
Steven Smith Review
2003-10-20 Sustaining Mindfulness - Part 2: Patience And Renunciation 65:45
Patience and renunciation: what they are and how they support the development of mindfulness and the path to liberation.
Steven Smith Review
2003-10-12 Sustaining Mindfulness Part 1: Confidence & Courage 64:09
Part 1 illuminates the fundamental nature and support of faith, or confidence, as a sustaining force in practice. Courageous energy follows, as the courage required to carry Dhamma into depths of one’s being.
Steven Smith Review
2003-10-06 Spiritual Emotions: Power To Liberate 64:00
Detailed description of each Brahma Vihara, in generating and pervading them through oneself and to others in receiving them. Examples of each - enlightened leadership; using Brahma Viharas as basis for political freedom. How acts of kindness have rippling effects with unknown and mysterious consequences.
Steven Smith Review

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