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Steven Smith's Dharma Talks at Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center
Steven Smith
The millennium question I hear students asking is how they can integrate the path of self-liberation with the path of paying attention to the welfare of others. My focus is guiding practitioners to do both. The dharmic brilliance is that liberation, the core teaching, creates a deep, transformative experience of who we are, which, in turn, transforms our care for the state of all beings everywhere.
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1993-10-12 Morning Q&A 44:45
Date estimated, with Steve Armstrong and Michele McDonald
1993-10-12 Q&A 45:49
Year unknown, with Steve Armstrong and Michele McDonald
1993-10-07 Instructions, Q&A 41:11
with Sharon Salzberg
1993-10-04 The Great Journey: The Great Journey Part 1 55:48
Practicing with a delightfulness of mind and faith.
Steven Smith Review
1993-10-03 Meditation Instructions, Q&A 50:43
with Michele McDonald
1993-09-27 Meditation Instructions 49:03
with Joseph Goldstein
1993-01-01 The Great Journey Part 5 62:52
Steven Smith Review
1992-05-30 Meditation Instruction Q&A (Metta Series) 46:21
with Michele McDonald
10 Day Metta Retreat + 13 Day Vipassana

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