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Steven Smith's Dharma Talks at Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center
Steven Smith
The millennium question I hear students asking is how they can integrate the path of self-liberation with the path of paying attention to the welfare of others. My focus is guiding practitioners to do both. The dharmic brilliance is that liberation, the core teaching, creates a deep, transformative experience of who we are, which, in turn, transforms our care for the state of all beings everywhere.
1999-06-23 Finding Your Passion 47:58
young adults retreat what meditation is, inspired beginnings, the path, way of life.
Steven Smith Review
1999-06-13 Bamboo Mind: 59:06
the nature of equanimity in balance, mind, emotions, and the vicissitudes of life
Steven Smith Review
1999-06-11 Keeping The Island Of Peace In Mind 57:37
as the ancient Polynesian navigators kept a vision of their island destination in mind, so too the vision of freedom for followers of the 8-Fold Path
Steven Smith Review
1998-10-01 AM Instructions 32:52
1998-06-10 Seven Factors Of Awakening: Mindfulness 50:03
Developing free-flow natural mind.
Steven Smith Review
1997-11-21 Seven Factors Of Awakening: Piti: Dhamma Pleasures 63:31
Joy as a quality of awakening (5 kinds) and as the path of awakening.
Steven Smith Review
1997-11-21 Seven Factors Of Awakening: Equanimity 65:10
Equanimity allows for the balancing of mental states. Compassionate action comes out of equanimity.
Steven Smith Review
1997-11-08 Seven Factors Of Awakening: Calm 57:34
Calm opens mind for deep inquiry - letting go of protective attitudes of longing and depression.
Steven Smith Review
1997-11-06 Seven Factors Of Awakening: Concentrations And The Vipassana Jhanas 68:34
Discussing concentrations: samatha and vipassana samadhi and exploring the vipassana jhanas and insight knowledge.
Steven Smith Review
1997-10-17 Seven Factors Of Awakening: Courageous Energy 56:42
The stages of evolution of energy in practice - joyful, difficult and going beyond.
Steven Smith Review

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