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Dharma Talks Access for Retreatants at Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

Three Month Retreat Part 1

03PT1 033MO
2003-09-19 (43 days) Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

2003-09-20 Renunciation (Dhammaruwan Chant) 49:55
Michele McDonald
Facing the roots of suffering by developing kindness for ourselves and others through the practice of renunciation.
2003-09-23 Finding Balance By Being Comfortable With Losing Balance 53:39
Michele McDonald
Maintaining continuity of mindfulness in our moment-to-moment experience is a tightrope of continual re-balancing as life changes. Surrendering to this process strengthens wisdom and love.
2003-09-26 Generosity And Gratitude 53:13
Susan O'Brien
An exploration of two rare and precious qualities; generosity and gratitude.
2003-09-28 Loving Our Meditation Practice 58:18
Michele McDonald
Loving the purifying aspect of mindfulness practice and loving pure exploration.
2003-10-05 Any Moment Of Our Lives Is The Doorway To Enlightenment 59:55
Michele McDonald
What are the qualities of awakening that allow us to open, awaken to any moment of our lives and be truly liberated: with boredom, with rage, with hopelessness, with the breath, with any experience.
2003-10-14 The Roots Of War And The Roots Of Peace - Seven Factors Of Enlightenment - II 61:07
Michele McDonald
How calm concentration and equanimity help us uproot the causes of war and develop the roots of peace within us.
2003-10-19 Comparing, Compassion And Gratitude 60:19
Michele McDonald
Perfectionism, self-judgement, self-hatred, our eating habits and freedom.
2003-10-26 Inevitability Of Groundlessness & Love 69:55
Michele McDonald
Valuing healthy connection and detachment while facing our inloveability fear of nothingness
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