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Steven Smith's Dharma Talks at Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center
Steven Smith
The millennium question I hear students asking is how they can integrate the path of self-liberation with the path of paying attention to the welfare of others. My focus is guiding practitioners to do both. The dharmic brilliance is that liberation, the core teaching, creates a deep, transformative experience of who we are, which, in turn, transforms our care for the state of all beings everywhere.
2003-06-15 Home In The Heart Of Metta 64:37
A description of the four brahmaviharas and the interconnected nature of things. Good acts of metta especially have far-reaching consequences —changing our patterns, and releasing powerful, previously repressed energy for awareness, love and wisdom.
Steven Smith Review
2001-10-21 Where Language Stops: Insight Jhanas 59:13
Developing a meditative process that purifies the mind and creates subtle openings for insight and happiness.
Steven Smith Review
2001-10-14 Courage Of Heart 52:15
Focusing on faith, energy, patience and renunciation--four qualities of mind that stream through our awareness and power our practice.
Steven Smith Review
2001-09-30 Metta, Equanimity And Emotions 48:33
When we are still in the midst of emotions, mindfulness draws forth metta and equanimity and helps us to see the layered nature of our own feelings.
Steven Smith Review
2001-09-26 Vulnerability In Opening To Things As They Are 38:34
Preparing the ground for insight to emerge by developing a deep inner calm.
Steven Smith Review
2001-06-04 Encouraging The Light Of Metta 56:00
Understanding metta as a concentration and purification practice.
Steven Smith Review
2000-10-22 Paying Attention, Taking Action, Letting Go 61:28
Bringing wisdom with non-attachment and compassionate action together.
Steven Smith Review
2000-10-16 The Great Being Of Metta & Mindfulness 59:22
Discovering the attributes of a "great one," a fully liberated and "true-hearted" one, a loyal friend and the ideal of tathagata.
Steven Smith Review
2000-10-02 As It Is: Mystery Beyond Mystery 59:07
Seeking the world of experience as it really is, and being motivated to live by compassion.
Steven Smith Review
2000-09-25 Confidence, Courage, Acceptance, Simplicity = 4 Supports Of Mindfulness 57:46
Paying attention to how confidence, courage, acceptance and simplicity support mindfulness and the spiritual life.
Steven Smith Review

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