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Dharma Talks given at Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center
1983-09-23 Compassion 60:23
Joseph Goldstein

1983-08-18 Security In Relationships 43:57
Christopher Titmuss
embracing practice and relationship as one

1983-08-16 Meditation Instructions-An Outline 27:10
Christopher Titmuss
How giving attention to the present moment leads to greater self knowledge, instructions in working with the breath, with walking.

1983-08-16 Appreciation 38:49
Christina Feldman
Exploring the strength and compassion that appreciation brings to our celebration of the uniqueness of all things.

1983-08-15 Parent's Course Introduction 37:00
Christopher Titmuss

1983-08-13 Daily Life-Sangha 45:04
Christopher Titmuss

1983-08-12 Approaches To Meditation 41:01
Christina Feldman
Seeing into the belief of self so our meditation does not perpetuate bondage.

1983-08-10 Guided Meditation: Feelings 39:06
Christopher Titmuss

1983-08-09 Compassion And Emptiness 51:31
Christina Feldman

1983-08-07 Arising And Vanishing 40:09
Christopher Titmuss

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