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Dharma Talks given at Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center
1982-01-01 About Meditation Research 1:17:53
  Dr. Dan Brown
date unknown

1981-08-19 Fit To Receive 43:45
  Christopher Titmuss

1981-08-17 Sexuality III: To Men 45:07
  Christopher Titmuss
becoming aware of the privileges which have been given to men and which are taken for granted; looking at power and domination; seeing how self-interest precludes sensitivity to others

1981-08-15 Finding Space 43:34
  Christopher Titmuss
asking fundamental questions about inner and outer space and the primal silence beyond either

1981-06-07 Stories Of Practice In The Forest 56:36
  Jack Kornfield
the spirit of the teachings of Achaan Chah, Jack's Thai teacher

1981-01-01 Development Of Samadhi 43:38
  Christina Feldman
Insight into the development of samadhi. Establishing a sense of inner balance, stability, and clarity.
In collection Meditation

1981-01-01 Meditation 5:59:29
  Christina Feldman
At our request, Christina recommended this collection of her talks for a Meditation album.

1980-08-13 Expansiveness 45:22
  Christopher Titmuss
moving from limitation and restriction to expansiveness

1980-01-01 Expansiveness 40:52
  Christopher Titmuss
moving from limitation and restriction to expansiveness

1979-11-16 Duality 1:31:43
  Joseph Goldstein

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