The greatest gift is the
gift of the teachings
Dharma Talks given at Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center
1983-08-09 Compassion And Emptiness 51:31
  Christina Feldman

1983-08-07 Arising And Vanishing 40:09
  Christopher Titmuss

1983-08-06 Duality And Conflict 44:24
  Christina Feldman
duality exists in the difference between our expectations and what is; the resolution of conflict, both inner and outer is explored

1983-08-04 Attachment To Form 44:34
  Christopher Titmuss

1983-08-03 Communion 41:01
  Christina Feldman
looking at ways we reach for communion through group identity, relationship, and conformity; seeing how we keep ourselves separated true creativity and communion

1983-08-01 Content With Little 38:33
  Christopher Titmuss
can we live with a genuine security in life?

1983-07-31 Meditation And Self Knowledge 36:01
  Christopher Titmuss
acknowledging that meditation and self-knowledge are inner forms of learning that directly involve each and every situation in our lives

1983-07-31 Introductory Talk 39:01
  Christina Feldman

1983-07-30 Inner Vision 46:28
  Christina Feldman
a very clear defining of inner vision being a source of inquiry and sensitivity in the present and not a set of ideals that should occur in the future

1983-07-26 Right Livelihood 60:39
  Larry Rosenberg
learning to see your work as a vehicle for spiritual growth

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