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Jean Esther's Dharma Talks at Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center
Jean Esther
Jean Esther, MSW has been practicing meditation since 1975 and teaching in the dharma since the early 90’s. She is one of the Guiding Teachers at True North Insight in Canada and teaches locally in the Northeastern US. Trained in Jungian transpersonal psychology and Somatic Experiencing she has been a practicing psychotherapist in Western MA since 1981 with a specialization in the healing of trauma. Her passion is attuning to and supporting the liberating intersection of body, mind and heart and helping others of all ages do the same.
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2019-09-07 Morning Instructions 59:46
Introduction of the 2nd foundation of mindfulness. Mindfulness of feeling.
Freedom and Ease of Being: A Meditation Retreat for Our LGBTQAI Community
2019-09-05 Morning Instructions 51:58
Mindfulness Of Breath and Body
Freedom and Ease of Being: A Meditation Retreat for Our LGBTQAI Community
2019-09-04 Mindfulness As A Factor Of Awakening 53:11
Steadying the mind. Suggestions for a balance of attention in a retreat setting.
Freedom and Ease of Being: A Meditation Retreat for Our LGBTQAI Community
2019-07-01 Transforming Our World With the Fuel Of Wisdom and Love 52:40
Why do we meditate? How can it serve us in our lives, in relationship with ourselves and each other? When you see yourself in others who can you harm?
Teen Retreat
2019-06-29 Morning Instructions 40:06
Strengthening Mindfulness Through Practicing With An Anchor
Teen Retreat
2019-06-28 Loving Kindness Meditation 30:19
In this practice, we offer loving kindness to someone who is dear to us plus easy to care about. It could be anyone, including our pets.
Teen Retreat
2019-03-18 Why Practice? Quelling The Fire 50:36
Thru the doorway of the Buddhas teaching on the four noble truths. We are offered a pathway out of greed, hatred, and ignorance and their impact on our minds and hearts.
Freedom Here and Now: Insight Meditation Retreat
2019-03-05 Wise Relating On The Noble Path 52:59
An exploration of the three pillars of the Dharma and the impact of practices on our life in the world, particularly in relation with others.
Living Dharma: Mindfulness, Kindness and Wisdom
2019-03-04 Morning Instructions 40:31
Mindfulness of body sensations, thoughts, emotions and the feeling tone in relationship to them.
Living Dharma: Mindfulness, Kindness and Wisdom
2019-03-03 Why Practice 50:06
This talk explores what happens when we do not get identified with thoughts and the sense of self that gets entangled with our thoughts? How does this serve our aspirations for peace in our own minds?
Living Dharma: Mindfulness, Kindness and Wisdom

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