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Alexis Santos's Dharma Talks at Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center
Alexis Santos
Alexis has practiced Insight Meditation in India, Burma and the US since 2001. He has been a long-time student of Sayadaw U Tejaniya, including several years of training as a Buddhist Monk under his guidance. Alexis’ teaching emphasizes knowing the mind through a natural and relaxed continuity. He brings a practical, intuitive and compassionate approach to the development of wisdom and qualities of the heart.
2017-04-19 Guided Meditation 61:44
Don't forget to recognize awareness.
Through Dhamma Eyes: Training in Awareness & Wisdom
2016-11-24 Meditative Reflections on Emptiness and Not-Self with periods of silence 46:44
"How to stop making such a big deal of our problems". -- Pema Chodron
Three-Month Part 2
2016-11-15 Trusting your capacity to meet what is 46:02
"The simplicity of this moment holds everything." -- Sayadaw U Tejaniya. "Have the courage to trust love one more time, and always one more time." -- Maya Angelou
Three-Month Part 2
2016-11-01 Suffering is not a mistake, it's part of the path 46:05
"There is the suffering that leads to more suffering, and the suffering that leads to the end of suffering." --Ajahn Chan. This talk explores Dukkha and the possibility of meeting it to become a noble part of life.
Three-Month Part 2
2016-10-27 Morning instructions 46:53
Opening to moods and emotions.
Three-Month Part 2
2016-10-24 Exploring right view and the attitude of practice. 49:19
Three-Month Part 2
2016-02-14 The Undefended Heart: The Way Of Wisdom 38:15
The Way of Wisdom: Insight Meditation Weekend
2016-02-13 First Morning Instructions and Guided Meditation 65:03
The Way of Wisdom: Insight Meditation Weekend
2015-04-15 Guided meditation 28:53
Kindhearted Awareness: Insight Meditation Retreat
2015-04-07 Feeling Your Way into Life 38:50
The very suffering of our life can become a path to freedom. A birthday wish, the meaning of life, suffering and other reflections on the "way things are".
Through Dhamma Eyes: Training in Awareness and Wisdom

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