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Chas DiCapua's Dharma Talks at Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center
Chas DiCapua
Chas DiCapua is currently the Insight Meditation Society's Resident Teacher, and has offered meditation since 1998. He is interested in how each person can fully and uniquely manifest the dharma. He teaches regularly at sitting groups and centers close to IMS.
2011-07-30 The Five Hindrances 50:32
How we develop a wise and compassionate approach to all aspects of our lives through learning how to have a wise and compassionate relationship to the hindrances.
Investigating Life: Insight Meditation Retreat for 18-32 Year Olds
2011-07-03 Using Human Relationship As Dharma Practice 36:19
This talk explores various strategies that support mindful relating and exploring self and not self through relationship
Family Retreat
2011-06-26 Acceptance, Love and How We Be In The World 51:52
There is a direct relationship between our acceptance of the moment, or lack of, and our happiness, or lack of. Being aware of our level of acceptance is the foundation for happiness and gives us the space in which to make decisions about our speech and actions in the world.
Teen Retreat
2011-04-02 Mindfulness Of The Body 48:24
How to skillfully use the body as a meditation object on and off retreat, in order to gain the wisdom it has to offer.
The Freedom That Includes Everything: Insight Meditation Retreat
2011-02-26 Resting The Weary Heart And Mind 54:54
What are the reasons for our hearts and minds not being at rest? How can we bring our hearts and minds into a state of rest and ease?
Resting the Weary Heart and Mind: Insight Meditation Weekend
2010-08-01 Wise Effort 56:03
The 4 Wise Efforts and the simile of the correct way for tuning a stringed instrument are used to explore this very important mental factor. Examples are given for how Wise Effort manifests in formal practice as well as in daily life. The simile of how the Buddha crossed the flood is also covered in this talk.
Investigating Life: Insight Meditation Retreat for 18-32 Year Olds
2010-06-25 Three Ways To Do Metta 26:48
Different approaches to doing the metta practice. Each can be used on it's own or in conjunction with one or both of the others.
Teen Retreat
2010-05-16 Why Connect With What Is Difficult? 49:10
Explains why we would want to do such a thing, how it relates to the path of awakening and practical advise on how to do it.
Sacred Longing: The Transformation of Desire
2010-01-20 The Understanding and Practice Of Sila 55:16
This talks explores the place Sila plays on the path to awakening, it's relationship to the other eight fold path factors and skillful approaches tp practicing Sila.
IMS Staff Retreat 2010
2009-07-06 Metta and the Breath 28:01
Using the combination of awareness of the heart center and the breath as a way to cultivate lovingkindness in a natural way.
Teen Retreat

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