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Yanai Postelnik's Dharma Talks at Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center
Yanai Postelnik
Yanai Postelnik has been engaged in full-time dharma practice and service since 1990. His practice and teaching are inspired by the Thai forest tradition and nourished by time spent in the natural world. He has been teaching retreats around the world for 20 years, and is a guiding teacher of Gaia House, England.
2010-01-02 Contemplating Death and the Deathless 55:37
Rather than being a distant or fearful concept, we can use the truth of death as a tonic which can revitalize our lives, and invites a deeper letting go, into that which lies beyond death.
Resolutions of the Heart: New Year’s Retreat
2009-12-30 Body Wisdom, Body Dharma 50:36
This talk explores establishing a wise and kind relationship with our body. This becomes the basis for discovering that the experience of body has much wisdom to reveal in the dharma of life.
Resolutions of the Heart: New Year’s Retreat
2009-07-24 The Radiant Heart 54:58
Through cultivating non distractedness and non resistance the unbounded qualities of innate wakefulness and loving kindness are revealed as the radiant heart of our awakened life.
Mindfulness, Insight, Liberation: Insight Meditation Retreat
2009-07-21 The Truth of Impermanence 54:52
All conditioned things turn out to be unreliable. Recognizing and accepting the truth of impermanence and insecurity allows us to let go into the vast truth of life.
Mindfulness, Insight, Liberation: Insight Meditation Retreat
2009-05-08 Fruition of Practice 59:13
To deeply know that we are not defined by any experience or activity is to realize freedom. To recognize that we are not separate from the world is to discover compassion as our very nature. This is the fruit of true practice
Relaxed Openness: Embodying Presence
2009-05-06 The Art of Unknowing. 57:28
The true meaning of life derives from what is revealed when we have the courage to adbide in unknowing. Not depending on the illusiory security of certainties we can relax into the vast open potential of life.
Relaxed Openness: Embodying Presence
2009-05-04 Meeting the Challenges 61:46
Working with recognizing challenging faces of mind as visitors which obscures the deeper truth, we can free our self from their grip, reveling the natural pure radiance of the heart-mind.
Relaxed Openness: Embodying Presence
2009-01-04 The Heart Of Dharma 49:52
The liberating heart of the dharma is revealed when we come to rest, in the realization that what we are looking for has been here all along.
Resolutions of the Heart: New Year’s Retreat
2009-01-02 Being In The Ocean Of Life 49:31
Learning to let go asks us to trust in the uncontrollable fluidity of life as a medium which holds us, and in which we can open to our deepest nature, which is indestructible.
Resolutions of the Heart: New Year’s Retreat
2008-01-01 Vulnerability And Freedom 47:52
Recognizing the insecurity of our life can compel us to endlessly seek control, or invite us to learn to be at ease with our vulnerability and enter it consciously as a gateway to freedom.
Resolutions of the Heart: New Year's Retreat

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