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Tara Brach's Dharma Talks at Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center
Tara Brach
A pervasive but often invisible source of suffering in our culture is self-aversion. We are a busy culture, and we move through our life feeling anxious and dissatisfied, but not fully conscious of how we neglect or judge our inner experience. We suffer from a lack of belonging: to our own bodies, to each other and to the earth. When we practice Buddhist meditation, we learn how to listen deeply and hold our life tenderly.
1998-05-04 "No Self" Realization: Discovering Our True Nature 59:31
explore how practice awakens us from the dream of a separate self
1998-05-04 Widening The Circle Of Compassion 53:18
seeing that all circumstances may serve to awaken our hearts and minds
1998-05-02 Mindfulness As A Path Of Healing 46:01
Genuine healing is the opening to wholeness. This talk explores how the practice of mindfulness brings a vitalizing and transforming healing to our bodies, hearts and minds.
1998-04-28 Unconditionally Friendly Toward Life 62:19
large portions of our life are raced through in a mechanical and uncaring way. this talk focuses on the ways that we compartmentalize spiritual life. guided meditations and reflections address how we can cultivate the quality of unconditional caring presence in the midst of all experience.
1998-03-10 Our True Refuge 53:01
experiencing refuge in Buddha Nature, Dharma and Sangha in an alive and immediate way
1998-02-17 Divine Abodes Series #3 50:41
Joy is the natural expression of letting go fully into life. When we open unconditionally to our experience, we become that Openness. We are free to celebrate the beauty and mystery of existence because we no longer want life to be different than it is.
1998-02-10 Divine Abodes Series 66:10
1998-02-03 Divine Abodes Series 61:09
1998-01-13 Path Of Acceptance 52:20
an exploration of the conditioning to resist life, and the practices that free us
1998-01-03 Wise Effort & The Practices Of Awakening 43:11
cultivating qualities of wakefulness, openness and relaxation to undo the doings

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