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Dharma Talks Access for Retreatants at Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

Three Month Retreat

2000-09-20 (85 days) Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

2000-10-08 Sensitivity To Kindness 54:19
Michele McDonald
How can we discover a relaxed effort in practice: if we are desperate enough to be sensitive to kindness.
2000-10-15 Doing The Best We Can And Letting Go Of Control 49:57
Michele McDonald
Understanding patience, compassion and equanimity in the face of suffering.
2000-10-23 Awakening From Spiritual Slumber 59:46
Michele McDonald
Discovering how any one of the six doors of our senses can lead to enlightenment.
2000-10-23 Each Moment Is "Just Enough": 7 Factors Of Enlightenment 62:24
Michele McDonald
life as an empty cup
2000-10-29 Who Can Get Past The Tangles In This World? 53:40
Michele McDonald
Trying to get to Cold Mountain, or the wisdom of someone who is willing to die for freedom.
2000-11-06 Mindfulness 59:33
Kamala Masters
Resting in mindfulness is resting in grace.
2000-11-07 Compassion Practice Instructions 1:13
Kamala Masters
guided compassion practice using as subjects: 1) a person in suffering 2) oneself, and 3) one's benefactor.
2000-11-12 Metta 60:21
Kamala Masters
Discovering the very practical aspects of metta practice.
2000-12-04 Sila--The Cultivation Of Virtue 50:36
Kamala Masters
Understanding how sila is the foundation of our mindfulness practice.
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