The greatest gift is the
gift of the teachings
Dharma Talks given at Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center
1983-05-22 Opening Talk with Alan 53:35
  Joseph Goldstein

1983-05-08 Path of Love 47:17
  John Orr

1983-04-30 Dharma In Daily Life-Politics 41:06
  Christopher Titmuss

1983-04-29 Introductory Talk 45:43
  Christopher Titmuss

1983-04-29 Manifesting The Dharma 65:05
  Alan Clements

1983-04-28 Denial And Affirmation Of Life 38:40
  Christopher Titmuss
looking at life without the self

1983-04-27 Letting Go 45:07
  Christina Feldman
exploring why we cling, can we go beyond the field of pleasure?

1983-04-26 The Truth Of Suffering 59:42
  Alan Clements

1983-04-25 The Balanced Mind 46:06
  Christopher Titmuss
allowing meditation to show us where imbalance lies in our life

1983-04-24 Search For Experience 43:25
  Christina Feldman
how this search rules our life

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