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Kamala Masters's Dharma Talks at Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center
Kamala Masters
It has long been important for me to offer the purity of the teachings of the Buddha in a way that connects with our common sense and compassion as human beings, which allows for the natural blossoming of wisdom.
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1998-12-07 Equanimity - Being In Peace With The Wild 60:01
opening the heart/mind to embrace all of life
Three Month Retreat (84 days)
1998-11-30 Sympathetic Joy - Mudita 59:33
When we can truly be happy for another person's happiness, the sense of feeling separate dissolves. From this place of boundary-less-ness, we begin to experientially understand a quiet joy that is invisible and much bigger than we could ever imagine.
Three Month Retreat (84 days)
1998-11-23 A Teaching From A Tear Drop 61:45
Insight into our interconnectedness with all of life can come through the deepening practice of metta. It can also be known through the emptiness of self.
Three Month Retreat (84 days)
1998-11-16 Trust And Courage 56:04
How do we cultivate a trust in our ability to open, moment-to-moment, to the ever-changing unfolding experiences within our practice? This talk has to do with the courage it takes to do that.
Three Month Retreat (84 days)
In collection Trust
1998-11-09 Generosity And Gratitude 60:07
It is said that there are two rare and precious beings in this world; one who is generous and one who feels gratitude. This talk is about how these qualities bring to our daily lives more happiness, and how generosity leads to liberation.
Three Month Retreat (84 days)
1997-12-05 Ten Beautiful Qualities-Paramis 1:10:30
stories of old that illuminate the ten Paramis
Three Month Retreat (86 days)
1997-11-02 Trust & Courage 59:48
How we need trust and courage to open to selflessness.
Three Month Retreat (86 days)
In collection Courageous Living
1997-10-20 Metta 60:13
This talk has to do with understanding how metta practice develops concentration. Metta practice also sometimes exposes challenging states of mind that we learn to be more mindful of within the safe and gentle container of LovingKindness.
Three Month Retreat (86 days)
1997-10-03 Balance 63:34
There is a certain kind of energy required to actually do the sitting/walking schedule of an intensive retreat, which we learn how to cultivate. We also can learn how to relax our energy around our moment-to-moment experience, which produces a great balance in our practice.
Three Month Retreat (86 days)
1997-06-11 Investigation 57:40
experiencing life deeply
Metta & Vipassana Retreats (18 days)

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