The greatest gift is the
gift of the teachings
Kamala Masters's Dharma Talks at Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center
Kamala Masters
It has long been important for me to offer the purity of the teachings of the Buddha in a way that connects with our common sense and compassion as human beings, which allows for the natural blossoming of wisdom.
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2001-11-06 Guided Compassion 43:07
Learning how to direct compassion toward one's self, a difficult person, and a benefactor.
Three Month Retreat Part 2
2001-02-10 The Wisdom Of Mindfulness 61:22
The benefits, functions, characteristics and wisdom of mindfulness.
Vipassana Retreat
2001-02-08 Equanimity, Ii 55:01
Exploring equanimity as a balanced, open, spacious state of mind/heart.
Metta Retreat
2000-12-04 Sila--The Cultivation Of Virtue 50:36
Understanding how sila is the foundation of our mindfulness practice.
Three Month Retreat
2000-11-12 Metta 60:21
Discovering the very practical aspects of metta practice.
Three Month Retreat
2000-11-07 Compassion Practice Instructions 1:13
guided compassion practice using as subjects: 1) a person in suffering 2) oneself, and 3) one's benefactor.
Three Month Retreat
2000-11-06 Mindfulness 59:33
Resting in mindfulness is resting in grace.
Three Month Retreat
1999-07-27 Courageous Love 48:31
1999-07-17 Mindful Awareness Of The Five Hindrances 59:12
The five hindrances: attachment, aversion, restlessness, sloth and torpor, and doubt, are often seen as obstacles to liberation. However, once we are mindful of them, they become vehicles for awakening.
Vipassana Retreat (9 days)
1999-02-28 Compassion And Wisdom 59:52
integration of the understanding of wisdom practice and compassion
Insight Meditation and the Heart (3 days)

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