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Gina Sharpe's Dharma Talks at Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center
Gina Sharpe
Gina Sharpe is a founding teacher of New York Insight. She discovered the Dharma over 30 years ago and has studied and practiced in Asia and the United States. She was trained as a Retreat Teacher under the mentorship of Jack Kornfield. She teaches at Retreat Centers and meditation communities around the United States, including at a maximum security prison for women. She holds two meditation classes in Westchester County, New York.
2011-02-05 Breath meditation instructions 1:15:51
First day of retreat instructions.
Metta (Lovingkindness) Retreat
2010-05-22 Basic Mindfulness of Body - Sitting and Walking 60:04
Awakening the Body, Heart and Mind: Insight Meditation Weekend
2010-05-21 Sacred 68:24
The journey we undertake in practice - How to navigate the stages of our meditative journey.
Awakening the Body, Heart and Mind: Insight Meditation Weekend
2010-05-16 Metta Instructions 43:42
Sacred Longing: The Transformation of Desire
2010-05-15 Metta Instructions 54:16
Benefactor/Dear Friend
Sacred Longing: The Transformation of Desire
2010-02-12 Forgiveness 48:19
Forgiveness as a basis of loving kindness practice with questions and answers.
Metta (Lovingkindness) Retreat
2010-02-11 Metta Instructions - Expanding the field of metta to the neutral person. 60:10
Metta (Lovingkindness) Retreat
2010-02-10 Power Of Love To Transform Suffering 62:34
When love meets suffering compassion arises. When love meets joy, unselfish joy arises.
Metta (Lovingkindness) Retreat
2010-02-08 Meditation Instructions 65:52
Basic meditation instructions - first day of retreat.
Metta (Lovingkindness) Retreat
2008-07-01 Tranquility And Concentration 53:07
Two necessary factors in realizing the already awakened mind.
People of Color Retreat

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