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Marjolein Janssen's Dharma Talks at Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center
Marjolein Janssen
Marjolei Janssen is originally from the Netherlands. Since 2011 she has been practicing insight meditation intensively in Europe, the US, as well as Myanmar, where she was ordained as a Buddhist nun. Marjolein brings both formal practice and practice in daily life to her teachings. She seeks to offer a practical approach to Buddhist concepts and ideas. Her sharing of the Dharma comes from her wish to contribute to the freedom and happiness of all beings. Marjolein is a graduate of Sati Center’s Buddhist Eco-chaplaincy program. She is currently enrolled in the Insight Retreat Center's Dharma Teacher Training.
2023-12-15 Guided metta-meditation, (loving kindness) 27:57
After a brief introduction to Metta, we practiced metta for benefactor, dear being, and self.
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