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Retreat Dharma Talks at Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

Heartfelt Wisdom: Insight Meditation Retreat

Can the qualities of friendliness, care, courage, joy and balance create the right conditions for the deepening of wisdom? Or are they simply beautiful expressions of it? Or both? While silently sitting and walking with meditative presence, and with guidance from the teachers, we can open more fully to the life both around us and inside of us. Through the quality of this connection, we can discover for ourselves how living with a sense of fullness and engagement might be possible. This retreat is open to all.

2019-12-13 (6 days) Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

2019-12-13 Retreat Opening Session - With Pascal Auclair, Jeff Houzous, and Rachel Lewis 69:18
Bonnie Duran
2019-12-14 How Mindfulness Transforms Suffering 55:40
Bonnie Duran
How Mindfulness Transforms Suffering with what we view, how we view it and in what view.
2019-12-14 Metta: Guided Meditation 29:41
Rachel Lewis
Defination of Metta; practicing with receiving Metta from benefactors and offering it to self and all beings.
2019-12-15 Mindfulness Of The Body 51:03
Bonnie Duran
Skin, flesh, and bones body scan.
2019-12-15 What We Attend To And How 58:57
Pascal Auclair
... to find freedom from suffering
2019-12-15 Guided Meditation On Compassion 29:35
Jeff Haozous
2019-12-16 Morning Instructions - What If There Were Only Four Ways 57:16
Pascal Auclair
2019-12-16 Guided Meditation - Love As Renunciation 29:34
Pascal Auclair
2019-12-17 Emotional Stability 61:23
Pascal Auclair
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