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Retreat Dharma Talks at Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

Liberation of Mind and Heart: Insight Meditation Retreat

This course will explore the Buddha's teachings on liberation of mind and heart. Through learning to connect with our mind/body process with interest and acceptance, we develop greater understanding and compassion, thereby extending our ability to meet life's changes with graceful ease and serenity. With guidance from the teachers, participants will be encouraged to develop trust in their own practice.

2011-06-03 (10 days) Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

2011-06-06 Opening To Dukkha and the Arising of Faith 58:28
Greg Scharf
2011-06-07 Dreaming About Reality 60:40
Jesse Maceo Vega-Frey
An exploration of our ability to stay connected to our direct experience rather than get caught in the world of fantasy created by the mind.
2011-06-09 Four Noble Truths 62:22
Rebecca Bradshaw
The Buddha's teaching on dukkha, cause of dukkha, freedom
2011-06-11 Rooting Our Faith In The Deepest Truth 55:42
Jesse Maceo Vega-Frey
How do we understand the undependability of things and also "see security everywhere" as the Buddha said?
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