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Jose Reissig's Dharma Talks at Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center
Jose Reissig
After decades of practice and teaching, what inspires me are those moments when I can see the habitual as if it were for the first time. If such moments occur while I'm giving a talk, then the teacher in me can hear its own words imbued with the freshness imparted by those who truly listen -- the multiple aspects of myself being part of the audience as well. Thanks for your participation in the process.
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2002-08-02 Carrot 22:04
Just as seeing-eye dogs (Carrot is one), our minds need training in order to become our guides and allies. To meditate is to train the mind to be insightful, to become a seeing-eye mind.
2002-07-30 Life As Practice 37:26
The path that brings us to a place of openness requires learning from the actual circumstances of our outer and inner lives.
2001-08-02 Relinquishing 40:37
The tendency to relate to others through a sense of possessiveness, through clinging, creates suffering; so does clinging to ourselves as the "aggregates". To relinquish possessiveness is to open the doors to freedom.
2001-07-31 No Second Arrow 25:59
Pain and loss are inevitable occurrences in our lives, but the self-torture that often follows--the "second arrow" we habitually shoot at ourselves--is entirely avoidable.
2000-08-04 I Am Of The Earth 38:09
In spite of the deep longing to connect with the earthiness of things and ourselves there is also a pull to disconnect. How can we reconnect, become of the earth?
2000-08-01 I Am Relationships 31:55
In searching for who we are, instead of latching on to a solidified image, let us explore our relationships.
1999-08-05 No Problem 37:10
Rather than looking at problems as items to be solved, let us use them to discover that existence is unproblematic.
1999-08-03 Family As Family 31:06
Contemplating family as family is a fifth foundation of mindfulness for householders.
1998-08-06 Commitment 33:07
There are two way of looking at commitment. One attempts to freeze relationships in time; the other has to do with the moment.
1998-08-04 The Worldly Conditions 36:34
When we can not see any possibility outside of say, success vs. failure, we imprison ourselves. The same is true for control vs. out-of-control.

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