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Jose Reissig's Dharma Talks at Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center
Jose Reissig
After decades of practice and teaching, what inspires me are those moments when I can see the habitual as if it were for the first time. If such moments occur while I'm giving a talk, then the teacher in me can hear its own words imbued with the freshness imparted by those who truly listen -- the multiple aspects of myself being part of the audience as well. Thanks for your participation in the process.
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1997-08-02 Side 1: Love Unbound 38:21
Understanding the prison of separateness.
1997-08-02 Side 2: Befriending Fear 39:03
Dismantling our mental constructs.
1996-08-25 Nothing To Show 28:54
What have we accomplished?
1996-08-23 Interdependence 40:03
Being together in connectedness. "I am because we are."
1996-08-12 No Hugging In The Hall 37:04
Connecting with each other with a silent, open heart.
1996-04-22 Maculate Conception 41:58
Who lives between life and death?
1995-08-14 By Way Of Unknowing 37:16
Setting aside the usual ways of viewing.
1995-04-23 Going To The Source 37:02
Inward? Outward? What's going on?
1994-08-15 Scarcity Syndrome 42:14
We tend to assume that we are surrounded by scarcity; that there never is enough time, money, things, food, health, love or happiness to go around. This automatic assumption of scarcity is unwarranted. Its pervasiveness results from the fact that the "I" uses it to validate its wanting, and hence to further its own centrality.

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