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Jean Esther's Dharma Talks at Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center
Jean Esther
Jean Esther, MSW has been practicing meditation since 1975 and teaching in the dharma since the early 90’s. She is one of the Guiding Teachers at True North Insight in Canada and teaches locally in the Northeastern US. Trained in Jungian transpersonal psychology and Somatic Experiencing she has been a practicing psychotherapist in Western MA since 1981 with a specialization in the healing of trauma. Her passion is attuning to and supporting the liberating intersection of body, mind and heart and helping others of all ages do the same.
2020-03-11 Concentration, One Pointedness, and Renunciation 46:27
Exploring renunciation as a practice in support of developing stability of mind through one-pointed attention - when you let go of everything, everything belongs to you.
Freedom Here & Now: Insight Meditation Retreat

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