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Anna Douglas's Dharma Talks at Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center
Anna Douglas
The Dharma is a refuge and a gift, available to anyone who values and nourishes it through practice. After working with mindfulness and loving-kindness for nearly 25 years, I have found these practices to be good friends who follow me everywhere, present through all the ups and downs of my life.
1996-07-26 Happiness And Insight 65:38
exploring the many faces of happiness
1995-07-29 Confidence In Awakening 36:59
cultivating confidence in our capacity to awaken
1995-07-25 Lovingkindness 45:56
Do we trust enough to surrender our separateness?
In collection Force Of Metta
1994-07-27 Healing Separation 47:25
inner experience of renunciation: healing the "abyss that separates us from ourselves"
1994-07-25 Recognizing Suffering 49:45
acknowledging the unavoidable pain within life
1994-04-19 Intimacy And Freedom 56:28
letting go of separation
1993-08-01 Closing Talk And Metta with Christina Feldman 46:48
nurturing a trust for ourselves in our lives
1993-07-27 Highest Form Of Magic 51:41
discovering the vision of original blessing
1993-07-23 Opening Talk with Christina Feldman 53:14
introducing the structure and framework of a Vipassana retreat
1992-07-24 No View Of Self 44:58
using the Vipassana practice to understand the "what" and "who" we have imagined ourselves to be

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