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Steve Armstrong's Dharma Talks at Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center
Steve Armstrong
My biding motivation for the practice of teaching is to share my interest, my understanding and my confidence in the Buddha's way for a balanced and deeply happy life. Given the pace of our culture and the direction in which it is going, mindfulness is essential to sanity. Since my first vipassana retreat in 1975, I've experienced the wisdom of sanity, peace and freedom.
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2001-11-03 Renunciation Paramis 53:26
There are some things in life we can do without. By understanding the power, practice and wisdom of renunciation, we discover the joy of simplicity and letting go.
1999-09-14 Essential Dhamma #5: Anatta 1:12:09
what is not "I", "me", "mine"?
1999-09-13 Essential Dhamma #4: Four Noble Truths 60:44
Dukkha: pain unsatisfactoriness, vulnerability; craving: the cause; nibbana: the cessation; morality, concentration and wisdom: the path.
1999-09-12 Essential Dhamma #3: The Good Fortune Of Mindfulness 60:46
the essential dhamma
1999-09-11 Essential Dhamma #2: Three Pillars Of Dhamma 59:48
generosity, ethical conduct, mental development
1999-09-10 Essential Dhamma #1: Three Refuges 49:48
taking refuge in the Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha provides a safe haven in which to weather the storms of life by providing emotional support, a teaching, guiding ideas and a sacred resolve to realize the potential to awaken within each one of us
1999-08-22 Identity + Insight 64:31
insight into selflessness uproots false beliefs
1999-08-18 Identity + Insight: Comparing Mind 55:22
Creating a sense of self through the activity of comparing mind. Disentangling a sense of self through mindful awareness.
1999-08-16 Five Spiritual Faculties: Effort 61:00
Arousing energy for the balanced cultivation of awareness. Steady, precise and continuous: the energy of an awakened mind.
In collections Five Spiritual Faculties Right Effort
1998-11-20 The Wheel is Turning 1:25:07

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