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Narayan Helen Liebenson's Dharma Talks at Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center
Narayan Helen Liebenson
I try to help practitioners approach their meditation practice and their lives with compassion and wisdom. Bringing a loving attentiveness into each moment allows us to learn kindness rather than condemnation, and discernment rather than judgment.
2007-01-03 The Risk Of Mindfulness 37:19
New Year's Retreat
2007-01-03 The Risk Of Mindfulness 37:04
To be mindful is oftentimes perceived as a risk because it challenges our habits. By taking the risk of being present with all things, we move from the known to the unknown.
2006-12-31 The One And The Many 46:16
practicing with support, comfort and protection in community
2006-03-23 Heavenly Messengers 40:01
The heavenly messengers awaken us from delusion and complacency. They invite us to discover enduring wisdom and freedom.
2006-03-19 The Path Made Visible 41:49
Awareness illuminates the path of awakening. Our understanding of what the path is deepens simultaneously with our practice.
2005-08-17 Hungry Ghost Mind 43:21
Hungry Ghost Mind is a state of deprivation, need, & want. Identifying & working skillfully with this mental state is discussed in this talk.
2005-08-13 Illuminating The Path 48:54
The Buddha called the practice the path of awakening, yet we can't always see where we're going. This talk addresses making the path visible.
2005-04-17 Instructions - Sitting Practice 2 37:12
Expanding beyond the breath.
2005-04-16 The 7 Factors Of Awakening 62:25
2005-04-16 Instructions - Sitting Practice 1 31:54
Basic instructions on breath meditation.

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