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Myoshin Kelley's Dharma Talks at Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center
Myoshin Kelley
So much of my inspiration and joy comes from bearing witness to the unfolding of the dharma in myself and others. My teaching is most engaging when I'm involved in an on-going relationship with students and having the opportunity, and honor, to see what's happening in their lives. We may begin our practice on our cushions; and yet, as we learn to bring practice to all corners of our lives, we get a glimmer of the true possibility of liberation.
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2000-10-18 Forgiveness 58:18
Learning to let go through opening up our hearts in forgiveness.
1999-02-18 Finding Our Natural Compassion 51:25
Compassion is classically described as the quivering or trembling of the heart in response to suffering. Our habituated responses may be to deny or repress our suffering. As we learn to open to suffering with a balanced mind, we discover the natural responsiveness of the heart which brings us into a relationship of care and concern for the world we live in.
1998-10-06 The Two Wings Of Freedom 58:32
The journey of awakening is the cultivation of the qualities of wisdom and compassion. These two qualities need to be strong and in balance to support their unfolding. We learn how to keep these qualities strong and in balance so they can become the wings to freedom.
1998-02-21 The Courage To Live Your Aspirations 56:08
Practice helps us to learn to recognize the voice of our deepest aspirations. These aspirations can become a very strong motivating force in our lives if they are given the right nutrients. This talk will help us to learn to cultivate conditions that support our heart's deepest vows.
In collection Courageous Living
1997-02-11 Compassion, Sympathetic Joy & Equanimity 58:11
balancing the mind so that insight and wisdom can arise
1997-01-30 Brahma Viharas: Metta Chanting with Zita 1:26:35
feeling at home with life

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