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Myoshin Kelley's Dharma Talks at Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center
Myoshin Kelley
So much of my inspiration and joy comes from bearing witness to the unfolding of the dharma in myself and others. My teaching is most engaging when I'm involved in an on-going relationship with students and having the opportunity, and honor, to see what's happening in their lives. We may begin our practice on our cushions; and yet, as we learn to bring practice to all corners of our lives, we get a glimmer of the true possibility of liberation.
2003-10-16 Forgiveness: The Most Tender Part Of Love 56:31
Forgiveness as a practice will often take us to the edge of what we can accept. Drawing upon qualities of lovingkindness, compassion and patience we can learn to open to our deepest pain.
2002-10-31 Finding Unshakable Faith Faith On The Path 57:50
By learning the qualities of faith-trust, devotion, confidence and clarity of mind, we can begin to see faith unfolding in our own hearts. How faith helps to motivate and energize our practice.
2002-10-03 Metta: Icon Of Goodness 60:05
Metta is a practice of turning the mind towards the good. As we aim the heart we begin to connect with friendliness, gentleness and acceptance. Qualities that help us to open to things as they are.
2002-09-26 Calling Forth All The Love In Our Hearts 50:56
The desire for liberation can be a wholesome force in our lives when it is held with wisdom. Looking at ways we can support this motivation helps to call forth heroic or courageous energy.
2001-11-22 Generosity And Gratitude 59:02
As we invite the qualities of generosity and gratitude into our lives, they help us to gladden our hearts and minds, becoming the seeds of joy in the journey of awakening.
2001-11-14 Anything Is Possible 61:33
When we open to the quality of trust -- anything is possible! Strengthening trust through learning to work with hope, fear and doubt.
2001-11-07 The Strength Of The Still Forest Pool 58:25
What is mindfulness and what are the qualities that make mindfulness such a good friend to have? We discover the simplicity of mindfulness and how we can strengthen it in our practice.
2001-01-05 Am I Doing Enough? 45:06
Bringing purpose and compassionate action into our lives.
2000-10-30 The Brahma Viharas: Our Best Home 61:26
Learning to be a human being by embracing the natural qualities of our hearts and minds.
2000-10-25 The Four Noble Truths 57:40
The Buddha in his very first discourse gave practical instructions as to how one could realize the end of suffering. By understanding and reflecting through direct experience of these truths we can find deepening levels of happiness.

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