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Michael Grady's Dharma Talks at Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center
Michael Grady
I find that practitioners can practice Vipassana for a long time without paying attention to the role that fear plays in their lives. Living with fear that is unacknowledged leads to fragmentation in life and practice. I encourage people to look at the energy of fear, for fear can limit our access to freedom.
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2002-08-13 Mindfulness Of The Body 46:57
The first foundation of mindfulness - being more present through various awareness practices related to the body.
Vipassana Retreat
1998-05-13 Wisdom And Liberation 50:46
seeing things as they are brings the mind into a natural balance
1998-03-01 Gentle Perseverance: Balanced Effort 51:16
balanced effort in working with challenges in practice
1997-07-10 Fear 55:01
Ways to work with fear in practice.
1997-07-08 Rediscovering Beginners Mind 41:05
mindfulness and transforming habit
1997-07-06 Balanced Effort *Update 58:27
arousing attention to investigate our discontent
1997-03-04 The Problem Of Separation 42:26
seeing the limitations of the thinking mind

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