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Michael Grady's Dharma Talks at Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center
Michael Grady
I find that practitioners can practice Vipassana for a long time without paying attention to the role that fear plays in their lives. Living with fear that is unacknowledged leads to fragmentation in life and practice. I encourage people to look at the energy of fear, for fear can limit our access to freedom.
2005-08-14 The Liberating Power Of Mindfulness 44:19
How Mindfulness facilitates wisdom and inner freedom.
Vipassana Retreat
2005-03-02 Mindfulness: In The Service Of Wisdom And Inner Freedom 45:31
How the practice of mindfulness leads to wisdom and liberation.
Vipassana Retreat
2004-08-26 A Path Of Awareness: Wide And Deep 42:22
The all-inclusive nature of practice and the unfolding of insight.
Vipassana Retreat
2004-08-24 The Third Foundation Of Mindfulness: Mental States 44:39
Including thought, emotions, reaction in the field of mindfulness.
Vipassana Retreat
2004-08-22 Mindfulness - Transformation - Deep And Wide 46:55
Transformative power of mindfulness. Turning towards freedom.
Vipassana Retreat
2004-03-03 Happiness: Equanimity And Presence 40:49
The happiness of inner balance and open-hearted attention.
Vipassana Retreat
2004-03-01 Wise Effort: Gentle Perseverance 54:55
Learning to respond to difficulties with compassion and perseverance.
Vipassana Retreat
2003-08-18 The Freedom Of The Now 50:00
Letting go of the legacy of our past conditioning, and learning to connect to the present in a fresh way.
Vipassana Retreat
2003-03-16 Working With Fear: A Meditative Approach 55:43
Applying the practice to the energy of fear.
2002-08-18 Fear 45:34
Investigating the Nature of Fear.

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