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Tuere Sala's Dharma Talks at Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center
Tuere Sala
Tuere Sala is a guiding teacher of Seattle Insight Meditation Society and Capitol Hill Meditation Group. She has over 25 years of Buddhist meditation experience and is currently a participant in IMS’s 2017-2021 Teacher Training Program. Her teaching focus is on strengthening the value of everyday urban practice.
2021-11-12 The Villapas: The Four Distortions Of Mind. 60:14
When we access tranquility or calm abiding, we can see the distortions of mind with clear knowing and discernment.
Second 3-Week Insight Meditation Retreat
2021-11-11 The Gift Of Borrowing Joy 50:14
Second 3-Week Insight Meditation Retreat
2021-11-05 Vitakka - Vicara 63:07
Understanding the importance of Vitakka and Vicara in navigating the floods of the mind.
Second 3-Week Insight Meditation Retreat
2021-11-04 Morning Instructions: Intentions 39:32
Second 3-Week Insight Meditation Retreat

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