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Retreat Dharma Talks at Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

Cultivation – Investigation – Contemplation

This silent meditation course for experienced practitioners will focus on deepening mindfulness and insight into being with oneself and others. Our guiding map will be the teachings on the Four Applications of Mindfulness (Satipaṭṭhāna), which enable us to tap into the wealth of practical wisdom from early Buddhist contemplative traditions. The teachers will offer gentle and precise training in unifying the mind, guiding us in establishing different modes of awareness and in metta (friendliness). These practices allow for quieting and strengthening the heart, and foster transformative insights, growth and integration.

2023-07-11 (9 days) Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

2023-07-15 Sacca and authenticity 37:22
Gerit Stöcklmair
How to become a genuine human being
2023-07-16 Citta and emotions 43:27
Gerit Stöcklmair
RAIN and how to work with difficult emotions
2023-07-16 Impermanence 56:20
Yuka Nakamura
2023-07-17 Morning Reflections - Mindfulness of Dhamma, Hindrances 43:30
Yuka Nakamura
2023-07-17 Walking Instructions - Hindrances 10:27
Akincano Marc Weber
2023-07-17 Evening Q&A 67:40
Yuka Nakamura, Akincano Marc Weber, Gerit Stöcklmair
2023-07-18 Morning Reflections - Satipatthana, Factors of Awakening 29:09
Akincano Marc Weber
2023-07-18 Walking Instructions - Bojjhanga 5:13
Gerit Stöcklmair
2023-07-18 Dana Talk 16:19
Gerit Stöcklmair, Akincano Marc Weber, Yuka Nakamura
2023-07-18 The Gateways of Deliverance (on nimitta) 60:47
Akincano Marc Weber
Practicing with the characteristics – Differing temperaments and inclinatons, different axis of practice – Three Gateways of Liberation (vimokkha-dvāra / vimokkha-mukha). Usages of the term 'nimmita' in the suttas and their application – rather than the stock commentarial reference to the Visuddhimagga's understanding of the term. On the practice of 'neither dwelling on signs nor dwells on their details'. Practicing with anicca -> signlessness (animitta-v.) | Practicing with dukkha -> wishlessness (apaṇihita-v.) | Practicing with anattta -> suññata-v.
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