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Retreat Dharma Talks at Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

Finding the Way Home to Natural Awareness

On this retreat, we will explore the heart of the Buddha’s teaching: suffering and its causes, and freedom and its causes. With the help and cultivation of our natural and relaxed awareness, we can become intimate with what it is like to be human.

We will train our ability to bear witness to our personal and social pains, and will immerse ourselves in timeless teachings to incline our hearts and minds toward appreciating the joy of living.

By taking refuge in a loving and kind awareness, we can slow down to listen to the truths of the present moment and find peace in our own awakened hearts.

This course is open to everyone. We will honor and abide in noble silence throughout each day. The retreat format includes alternate periods of silent sitting and walking meditation practice, meetings with the teachers and opportunities for questions.

2022-02-04 (7 days) Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

2022-02-04 Opening Talk 1:10:37
Devin Berry, Bart van Melik, Nakawe Cuebas Berrios
Finding the way home to natural awareness
2022-02-05 Wisdom of the body 33:48
Nakawe Cuebas Berrios
Mindfulness of the body as Refuge
2022-02-06 Creative with kindness 46:31
Bart van Melik
Instructions to connect with kindness
2022-02-07 Compassion 46:08
Nakawe Cuebas Berrios
How can I help? Quan Yin energy with meditation phrases
2022-02-07 Befriending difficult emotions 48:27
Bart van Melik
2022-02-08 Keep calmly knowing change 67:14
Bart van Melik
Meditation on impermanence
2022-02-08 Cultivation Of Compassion 44:42
Bart van Melik
2022-02-09 Sudden awakening, gradual cultivation 48:27
Bart van Melik
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