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Dharma Talks Access for Retreatants at Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

Embodying the Heart of Wisdom: New Year’s Retreat

The Buddha's teachings offer a pathway to discover inner peace, freedom and the compassionate heart. Through understanding the way things are, we can come to know what it means to awaken in the midst of our life, to be deeply connected to our experience, and yet not bound by it.

This silent retreat will focus on cultivating a quality of conscious presence that embraces our heart, mind and body with acceptance and wisdom. Insight meditation practice will be supported by instructions, lovingkindness meditation and regular meetings with the teachers. All are welcome.

2019-12-29 (10 days) Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

2020-01-02 4th Day Morning Reflections and Instructions 55:52
Yanai Postelnik
Working with vedana - "hedonic tone"
2020-01-02 A Merciful Attention 58:53
Catherine McGee
We could all use a little mercy now!
2020-01-03 Guided Compassion and Forgiveness Meditation 46:00
Catherine McGee
2020-01-03 Living In Rental Accomdation: Contemplating Impermance 61:57
Yanai Postelnik
2020-01-04 Meditation Instructions 52:45
Catherine McGee
3rd foundation of mindfulness.
2020-01-04 Guided Metta Meditation With Metta Mudra 44:21
Yanai Postelnik
2020-01-04 Freeing Ourselves From Anxiety About Non-Perfection 54:07
Sharda Rogell
We can easily believe that perfection truly exists and if we can work hard enough we may reach it, until we see the pain in our striving and let go.
2020-01-05 Morning Instructions - Attention, Awareness and Presence. 53:09
Yanai Postelnik
2020-01-05 Guided Meditation On Equinimity 42:09
Sharda Rogell
How to bring the mind to more balance and ease in the face of challenges.
2020-01-05 Climate Emergency Dharma 2020 67:28
Yanai Postelnik
Reflections on the climate and ecological crisiss we face, and my involvement in non-violent civil disobedance with Extintion Rebellion
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