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Retreat Dharma Talks at Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

The Path to Awakening: Insight Meditation Retreat

Insight meditation (vipassana in Pali, the language of the original Buddhist teachings) is the simple and direct practice of moment-to-moment mindfulness. Through careful and sustained observation, we experience for ourselves the ever-changing flow of the mind/body process. This awareness leads us to accept more fully the pleasure and pain, fear and joy, sadness and happiness that life inevitably brings. As insight deepens, we develop greater equanimity and peace in the face of change, and wisdom and compassion increasingly become the guiding principles of our lives.

The Buddha first taught vipassana over 2,500 years ago. The various methods of this practice have been well preserved in the Theravada tradition of Buddhism. This silent retreat, suitable for both beginning and experienced meditators, is rooted in this ancient and well-mapped path to awakening, and draws on the full spectrum of this tradition's lineages.

2018-02-02 (10 days) Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

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2018-02-03 Introduction To Mindfulness Of Breathing 59:01
Jill Shepherd
Brief introduction to mindfulness and guided mindfulness of breathing, beginning with short body scan - inviting relaxation.
2018-02-03 What Is Mindfulness? 63:06
Joseph Goldstein
A discussion of what mindfulness is and what it isn't.
2018-02-04 Introduction and Guided Metta Meditation 35:08
Jill Shepherd
A brief overview of the four Brahma Vihara practices. An introduction to Metta and a short guided Metta meditation for the benefactor.
2018-02-05 Metta Meditation 67:29
Joseph Goldstein
Flavors of loving kindness. Instruction for practice.
2018-02-05 Five Hindrances 47:10
Jill Shepherd
An overview of the five hindrances and ways to transform them from obstacles to vehicles
2018-02-06 Guided Meditation 43:08
Jill Shepherd
Mindfulness of breath, body, and sounds.
2018-02-06 Mindfulness: The Methodology Of Wisdom. 64:25
Joseph Goldstein
What we learn from being mindful.
2018-02-07 Meditation Instructions. 60:31
Joseph Goldstein
Working with thoughts and emotions.
2018-02-08 Wisdom and Compassion 43:25
Jill Shepherd
An exploration of the two wings of awakening with an emphasis on compassion and self-compassion.
2018-02-09 Equanimity 39:04
Jill Shepherd
A brief overview of equanimity as a Brahma Vihara, and guided meditation practicing equanimity for a so-called "difficult" person.
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