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Retreat Dharma Talks at Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

Three-Month Retreat - Part 1

This six-week partial of the three-month course is a special time for practice. Because of its extended length and ongoing guidance, it is an opportunity for students to deepen the powers of concentration, wisdom and compassion. Based on the meditation instructions of Mahasi Sayadaw and supplemented by a range of skillful means, this silent retreat will encourage a balanced attitude of relaxation and alertness, and the continuity of practice based on the Buddha’s Four Foundations of Mindfulness.

2017-09-12 (43 days) Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

2017-10-03 Practice As A Path Of Happiness - Part 2 64:11
James Baraz
Continuation of the last talk: using intention, mindfulness, difficulties, and gratitude as supports to greater well being in practice.
2017-10-05 The Five Aggregates Are Not Self 62:23
Guy Armstrong
The five aggregates describe our whole human experience without reference to an "I" or "my". It is freeing to see in this way without the burden of self.
2017-10-06 Guided Loving Kindness For Neutral Person 49:33
Sally Armstrong
2017-10-06 Meeting Dosa with Mindfulness and Wisdom 62:42
Carol Wilson
2017-10-08 Third foundation of mindfulness 59:49
Sally Armstrong
In the third foundation of mindfulness, the Buddha instructs us to bring awareness and clear seeing to the contents of the mind. In a nonjudgmental way, we are invited to be aware of whether the mind is affected by lust, ill will or delusion, and also when the mind is not affected by these states. Included in this practice are various experiences of concentration, expansion, and contraction in the mind. The section ends by including awareness of the liberated mind, even if this is only a temporary experience. The thrust of this section is to notice both the wholesome and the unwholesome qualities of the mind and by that very noticing increase the wholesome and decrease the unwholesome.
2017-10-09 Understanding Our Defensiveness - Part 1 62:09
Bhante Buddharakkhita
Understanding our defensiveness and how to mindfully work with difficult emotions - can lead to freedom.
2017-10-10 Guided Meditation On Metta 61:26
Bhante Buddharakkhita
How to radiate Metta for a difficult person.
2017-10-10 The Trajectory Of Practice 63:32
James Baraz
The Journey from suffering - to hearing the dharma, to inspiration, to facing fear, acceptance of ourselves, opening beyond self to deep trust, freedom, and sharing our practice.
2017-10-12 The Third Noble Truth and Nibbana 65:16
Guy Armstrong
The end of suffering can be understood as either permanent or temporary. In both cases, it is closely tied to the absence of selfing.
2017-10-13 Metta For the Difficult 48:19
James Baraz
Why wish happiness for those who've caused us or others suffering? How can we overcome our resistance or hurt to genuinely open our heart to them?
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