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Retreat Dharma Talks at Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

Finding Inner Peace: Monastic Retreat

Led by ordained monastics from the Canadian Forest sangha, this retreat will focus on the practice of anapanasati, or mindfulness of breathing. This is a core part of the traditional path and was much praised by the Buddha. In this course, we plan to explore the way we can use this excellent practice to deepen our understanding and enhance our well-being.

2016-03-25 (8 days) Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

2016-03-26 Gatekeeper Mindfulness 43:44
Ayya Medhanandi
When the mind is cleared of obstacles, we gain a special skill in developing samadhi. Mindfulness is the gatekeeper enabling the burning away of the defilements. There in the clear, stilled, stabilized mind of unfabricated, primordial purity, the factors of awakening arise. No where else in the world but within this seclusion of mind can we find our true home and realize our Buddha nature.
2016-03-26 Evening Chanting 4:27
Ayya Medhanandi
2016-03-27 Morning Reflection 14:13
Ayya Medhanandi
2016-03-28 Collection of the Buddha's Suttas 43:23
Ayya Medhanandi
2016-03-29 Morning Instructions 15:44
Ayya Medhanandi
2016-03-30 The Power of Loving-Kindness 37:16
Ayya Medhanandi
When universal love leading to liberation of the heart is ardently developed, unrelentingly resorted to, it becomes the foundation of our life. We travel in a divine vehicle, our inheritance from the Buddha, the sublime abiding of mettā, loving kindness. This is our shelter from unwholesome states, a true salve for impure and damaging mental afflictions. More and more as we purify the mind, it triumphs over hateful feelings and forgiveness and compassion are perfected. Indeed, by the power of loving kindness, we are crossing the stream to the farther shore, awakening to the Deathless.
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