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Rebecca Bradshaw's Dharma Talks at Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center
Rebecca Bradshaw
Rebecca Bradshaw is the guiding teacher of the Insight Meditation Center of the Pioneer Valley ( in Easthampton, Massachusetts, and one at the guiding teachers at the Insight Meditation Society in Barre, Massachusetts. "My passion is encouraging students to drop into embodied presence, and grounding this presence in wisdom and lovingkindness. When a sense of love and kindness underlies our practice, we can explore life deeply in a truly integrated way, bringing together mind, heart, and body. Wisdom then holds it all in spaciousness. I especially enjoy connecting with young people in the Dharma, teaching students on longer retreats, supporting sangha on a community level, and sharing the dharma in Spanish."
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2017-06-05 A Different Understanding Of Self 62:10
Discusses investigation of self and not self in our moment to moment experience.
Liberation of Heart and Mind: Insight Meditation and Lovingkindness Retreat
2017-06-01 Finding Our Steady and Graceful Heart. 59:51
An exploration of developing equanimity by engaging with grasping, aversion and feeling tone.
Liberation of Heart and Mind: Insight Meditation and Lovingkindness Retreat
2017-04-26 Becoming Human. 50:00
Explores connection and resistance, owning and not owning experiences.
Kindhearted Awareness: Insight Meditation Retreat
2016-11-18 Mana: the conceit of I am better then, less than, equal too. 59:13
Discusses how all measuring of ourselves against others is a form of the conceit "I am", and the alternative of humility and authenticity.
Three-Month Part 2
2016-10-29 Morning instructions 43:07
First 16 minutes is guided meditation of mindfulness of emotions.
Three-Month Part 2
2016-10-28 Energizing Factor of awakening. 62:08
Mainly focuses on investigation and joyous interest.
Three-Month Part 2
2016-07-29 Mindful awareness of thoughts and emotions 56:33
Meeting thoughts and emotions with mindfulness and kindness– To free the heart
Insight Meditation Retreat for 18–32 Year Olds
2016-06-06 Mine development, ethics, and giving 63:39
The three parts of the path for Westerners. Includes precepts as practice, and an exploration of the Brahma Viharas as a template for giving
Liberation of Heart and Mind: Insight Meditation and Lovingkindness Retreat
2015-11-27 Sila Makes Everybody Happy 62:51
Discusses attuning to our inner moral compass, how meditation supports this.
Three-Month Retreat - Part 2
2015-11-20 Deeply Conditioned Patterns Of Perfectionism 62:38
Discusses untangling "Karmic Knots" - 6 stages of mindfulness.
Three-Month Retreat - Part 2

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