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Ajahn Amaro's Dharma Talks at Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center
Ajahn Amaro
I think of myself primarily as a monk who occasionally teaches, who strives to convey the spirit and the letter of Buddhism through my lifestyle, through explanation, and through the imagery of storytelling in order to bring Buddhism to life for people who are seeking truth and freedom.
2007-05-03 AM Morning Reflections 50:31
Morning reflections
Monastic Retreat
2007-04-30 AM Morning Reflections 44:27
Changing Nature of things
Monastic Retreat
2007-04-30 AM Morning Reflections - The Changing Nature Of Things 50:31
Reflections on how the practice fosters insight. Ajahn makes the distinction between the tools of practice and the actual experience of insight
Monastic Retreat
2007-04-28 Catching Suffering Before It Happens 62:19
How the perception process happens and how conflict rises. Ajahn walks us through the Honey Ball Sutta and the teaching on Dependent Origination
Monastic Retreat
2007-04-27 AM Reflections 1:12:43
Again reflections on the Triple Gem and an explanation of the morning chanting
Monastic Retreat
2007-04-26 AM Reflections 44:16
Reflections on the triple gem
Monastic Retreat
2007-04-25 From Difficulties To Freedom 1:19:55
Ajahn Amaro examines the mind that finds fault with things and he outlines the practice that leads to freedom
Monastic Retreat
2004-04-22 No Regrets 69:33
Precepts as practice; spiritual friendship; inner loveliness; practice outside of retreat. (Estimated date of talk. Exact date unknown)
Monastic Retreat
2004-04-21 Guided Meditation: Letting Go Of Conventions 39:30
Letting go of conventions in meditation when no longer needed. Abandoning the raft when reaching the other shore. (Estimated date of talk. Exact date unknown)
Monastic Retreat
2004-04-20 Breaking The Cycle Of Becoming 66:57
Brief overview of dependent origination with emphasis on the process of becoming; breaking the cycle at the link of vedana (feeling). (Estimated date of talk. Exact date unknown)
Monastic Retreat

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