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Ajahn Chah's Dharma Talks at Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center
Ajahn Chah
Ajahn Chah's simple yet profound style of teaching has a special appeal to Westerners. In 1966 the first westerner (Venerable Sumedho) came to stay with him in Northeast Thailand. The training there was quite harsh and forbidding. Ajahn Chah often pushed his monks to their limits, to test their powers of endurance so that they would develop patience and resolution. The emphasis was always on surrender to the way things are, and great stress was placed upon strict observance of the vinaya, the Buddha's code of ethics.
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1979-06-20 Untitled 62:04
1979-06-20 Closing Ceremony & Talk 49:51
1979-06-19 Untitled 1:30:40
1979-06-19 Discussion 1:32:33
1979-06-19 Unknown Dharma Talk 1:27:19
1979-06-17 Open House Talk 53:10
1979-06-16 Discussion 51:55
1979-06-16 Evening Dharma Talk 47:34
1979-06-15 Group Interviews 1:14:04
1979-06-14 Group Interview 55:07

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