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Arinna Weisman's Dharma Talks at Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center
Arinna Weisman
My teaching practice and my personal practice continually intertwine, each weaving a pattern in the larger tapestry of the Dharma. The theme that threads itself throughout my practice relates to the tremendous pain and suffering, the challenges and difficulties that so many beings face, and the possibility of awakening from this suffering. From this immediate calling I've woven the purpose of my life.
2015-08-04 Bring Wisdom and beautiful qualities into our daily life and community. Also speaking with Jean Ester and John Martin 13:29:17
Building equity and love in our communications and relationsships
An Undefended Heart and Mind: A Retreat for the LGBTQI Gender-Queer Community
2015-08-03 Guided Metta 5:01:31
Metta for the different stages/ages in our lives. Optional strategies when metta is difficult
An Undefended Heart and Mind: A Retreat for the LGBTQI Gender-Queer Community
1997-09-28 Forgiveness 32:54
cultivating the quality of forgiveness through understanding
1997-07-19 Our Cycle Of Harming & Its Healing 35:27
living our vision of non-harming by relating to our wounds
1997-07-01 Opening Our Hearts To Ourselves/Others 34:46
building Sangha: opening our hearts to everything inside of ourselves becomes the foundation for building community
1996-06-09 Intimacy: The Practice Of Relationship 40:40
working with the Four Noble Truths in our intimate relationships
1996-06-02 Understanding The Truth About Ourselves 30:43
understanding our spaces of separation and our essential unity with life
1996-05-08 Our Personal Mythologies 40:52
how we create myths about ourselves: is freedom in identity?
1996-04-01 Holding On & Letting Go 34:10
looking at the pensive poverty we experience by holding on to pleasant experiences and the opening to a mind free of preferences which brings freedom of being
1996-04-01 Building Sangha: Bridges Across Divisions 31:49
speaking of our inherent unity; and how objectification results in separation- of parts of ourselves from ourselves and from each other

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