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Annie Nugent's Dharma Talks at Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center
Annie Nugent
Annie Nugent has practiced since 1979 and was an IMS Resident Teacher, 1999-2003. Her teaching style aims to reveal how all aspects of our lives can help us come to a clear and direct understanding of the Truth.
2014-11-16 Views and Opinions. 59:37
We look at various permutations of views and opinions in this talk – Pointing fingers at others, we miss the fact that we are simply caught in our views and opinions. I am better than you... I am worse than you... all opinions and comparisons that keep us living in a very small world of delusion when mindfulness is not present - we don't see them as impermanent, impersonal arisings in the mind.
Three Month - Part 2
2014-11-09 Perspectives on Concentration 54:46
Because there are many different styles of teaching related to concentration, this sometimes leads to doubt in our own practice. The intention in discussing this topic is to call forth a common sense, broader perspective on what this important quality is and how it fits into the practice.
Three Month - Part 2
2014-11-02 Craving - the second noble truth. 60:17
The Cause of suffering - the wanting mind. Seeing the various manifestions of this wanting mind will help us to head towards the the 3rd noble truth..
Three Month - Part 2
2013-11-26 Living the Eight Fold Path 60:26
Seeing the Noble Eight Fold Path within life shows us that the dharma is always available to us, when we recognize its presence. If we do, confidence prevails....we know that we can live the dharma in each moment, no matter what may be happening.
Three Month - Part 2
2013-11-19 Gratitude 56:11
Gratitude comes when we appreciate life as a gift from which we can learn, discover and come to understand the Truth of existence. Seeing the scope of the Buddhadharma allows for gratitude to come to the fore... because we see that the teachings work...oh joy!
Three Month - Part 2
2013-11-15 Guided Forgiveness Practice 60:17
A short explanation and guided meditation on forgiveness practice.. Let it take the time that it needs... no forcing, no have to... We can tap in to that aspiration to forgive at some stage - so that the heart is open and willing, but may not be ready yet.
Three Month - Part 2
2013-11-05 Letting In The Truth Of Impermanence 50:18
Impermanence is happening all the every moment – and to everything... we don't recognize this truth because our awareness is weak and our delusion is strong.
Three Month - Part 2
2013-11-01 The kind, gentle heart of loving kindness... instructions. 56:31
Offering tips on ripening our practice of loving kindness..
Three Month - Part 2
2013-10-29 The Art of Balancing Effort. 55:37
Understanding what "right effort" really means... not getting, achieving, Itrying to get rid of or striving... It is about learning to let be into the moment, with presence of mind...
Three Month - Part 2
2013-10-23 Renunciation. 57:44
Renunciation is not about bleakness – life does not become barren and cold. It brings its own kind of joy and happiness – the happiness of letting go.
Three Month - Part 2

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