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Pamela Weiss's Dharma Talks at Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center
Pamela Weiss
Pamela is the author of the recently released book, A Bigger Sky: Awakening a Fierce Feminine Buddhism. She has practiced in the Soto Zen and Theravada traditions since 1987, is a guiding teacher at San Francisco Insight, and sits on the Teacher Council at Spirit Rock. Pamela is also a leadership coach and pioneer in bringing mindfulness programs into the workplace. She lives in San Francisco with her husband, Eugene, and little dog, Grover.
2019-03-24 Guided Meditation Instructions: Body and Breath 38:42
Clarity, Compassion and Freedom: Insight Meditation Retreat
2019-03-23 Listening With Love 58:55
A talk about the transformational power of mindfulness as an intimate loving engagement with experience.
Clarity, Compassion and Freedom: Insight Meditation Retreat
2011-01-01 Stitching Our Life Into Wholeness. 47:42
This talk explores the definitions power and impact of mindfulness.
Embodying the Heart of Wisdom: New Year’s Retreat

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