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Trudy Goodman's Dharma Talks at Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center
Trudy Goodman
Trudy Goodman has practiced in the Zen and Theravada traditions since 1974. She founded InsightLA and Growing Spirit (a family program) in Los Angeles. She is the guiding teacher of the Institute for Meditation and Psychotherapy in Cambridge, MA.
2011-06-17 The End Of Suffering 27:34
This talk is about the 3rrd Noble Truth both from a moment to moment and a more overarching perspective.
Insight Meditation Retreat
2010-05-18 Sacred Longing 63:36
Stories and teachings about the Buddha's one fortunate attachment
Sacred Longing: The Transformation of Desire
2010-05-17 Metta Instructions 53:25
Neutral Person
Sacred Longing: The Transformation of Desire
2008-05-21 A Bridge To The Other Shore 56:27
Using the experience of her mother’s recent death, Trudy talks about ways to practice with emotional reactivity and pure strong emotion.
Insight Meditation Retreat
2004-08-04 Mindfulness with Children 52:51
This talk presents the healing power of mindfulness in helping adults be with children and enter their world. Some ways of enhancing children's natural capacity for presence are given as examples.

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