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Thanissaro Bhikkhu's Dharma Talks at Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center
Thanissaro Bhikkhu
Dharma practice is medicine for the mind -- something particularly needed in a culture like ours that actively creates mental illness in training us to be busy producers and avid consumers. As individuals, we become healthier through our Dharma practice, which in turn helps bring sanity to our society at large.
2006-02-15 The War On Karma 1:19:07
Metta Retreat
2004-01-12 Unglamorous Practice 1:12:36
2004-01-01 Cutting Through Disturbances 1:10:24
2003-11-27 Lust And Hate 68:26
2003-10-09 Life Stories 1:14:58
2003-10-07 Delight In The Practice 1:11:52
2003-03-01 Generosity First 23:01
2001-02-14 Dharma Talk 1:11:18
Vipassana Retreat
1990-05-09 What is it to Take Refuge, Q&A 53:47
Ajahn Suwat - Meditation Retreat
1990-05-06 Meditation Instructions, Q&A 33:47
Ajahn Suwat - Meditation Retreat

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